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Actually Pretty, Long Robe for Tall Women

I finally found it!
"Robe for tall woman" "robe for tall women" "long robe tall"A ‘duster’ [aka: floor length] robe that is actually ‘long’ on my 5’9″ self. AND it is beautiful! (As in it doesn’t look like it could be my husband’s too). So pretty that if I saw it with a LaPerla tag I’d believe it was. I’ve been wearing the robe in the mornings while having breakfast with my husband and baby, and making coffee, making husband’s lunch, seeing him off to work. All while feeling beautiful, not frumpy for not being ‘ready for the day’ yet.

*Bonus: husband says it looks “really pretty”. #Winning !

Good thing I didn’t have this robe after I giving birth; I never would have gotten dressed…for at least a month 😉 (OK, I’m exaggerating. I got ‘ready’ [shower/dressed/makeup] everyday after having my baby which was a major contributor (I believe) to my quick baby weight loss).
If you’ve come across this post in your search for a long robe: trust me. Buy this robe.

Get it from Soft Surroundings, ‘RUFFLED CHENILLE ROBE’

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