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Fit Mom’s Are Fun Mom’s

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The Self-Timer Photo: Make Memories for Mom

"self timer photo", Motherhood

Around the time my daughter was 6 months old I started to notice most pictures were of she and my husband. My Mother mentioned she always wished she had more photos with my brother and I as babies. Seeing as she was always taking the photos, and my Dad never thought to do so for her (my husband falls into the same category). PLUS many of the sweet moments I spend with my daughter are while no one else is around.

Refusing to have the same regret, I took matters into my own hands: THE SELF-TIMER on the camera. Many great, ¬†priceless photos that I will cherish forever have now come from my personal photog: [the] ‘Self-Timer’.

Tips to Try:

  • Always use the flash, no matter the lighting. It just seems to make a better photo every time.
  • Sit the camera on anything at least waist high [if you’re standing].
  • Nothing high enough to sit the camera on where you want a photo? Make something! I’ve stacked chairs and books…!

Check a few of them out.

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