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Why We’re Not Getting a Baby Gate

"contemporary steps" "baby at steps" "baby steps"

We recently moved into an amazing, contemporary home. The geometric, on-of-a-kind steps truly bring the entire look of the home together. Such steps are also abnormally wide.

We also have a newly walking baby girl.

My husband and I have decided not to get baby gates. Let me explain why (other than the fact that any nice modern style version I found were not wide enough..)

If we’re not watching our baby to the point where she could go down or up the steps… what else could she be doing during such times? It’s worth thinking about. Do modern day ‘safety devices’ make us [parents] feel ‘ok’ to not watch our babies…

All we do when upstairs is simply close any door of the area we are in and keep her around us, which I feel we should do anyways. And when downstairs we simply watch her. Novel idea.

Now I just have to make sure my Mother doesn’t report us to child services… 😉

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