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Fall’s Floppy Hat Trend [in real life]

"floppy hat" "missoni for target"

I managed to snag a floppy hat from the Missoni for Target collection. Seeing as I live in suburbia [now], our Target’s were far from stampeded for the ‘designer’ merchandise. I thought it looked great in the store! I wondered where I’d wear it to… ‘maybe an outdoor sporting event..’ [not that our less than 1-yr-old daughter has those yet..]

My baby really seemed to like it on me. Or was she laughing AT me.. I met a lady in the hat isle by the mirror and she simply ‘loved it’. So I bought it! I put it on in the parking lot and drove home with it on, which garnered many looks…

My husband thought it was the silliest thing I’d ever brought home. (I’ve brought home many interesting fashion finds before.) We joked about what people would think of me if I wore it to the grocery store. I planned to do so as an experiment (i.e. stay-at-home-Mom activity) but never got around to doing so in fear of running into a neighbor or any of my husband’s co-workers. Thus, my realization that the hat needed to be returned.

I took this self-timer-photo in the parking lot of Target before going in to return it.

The lesson: such hats are good everyday wear for the Kim Kardashian set, or the streets of NYC, LA, Philly, maybe even DC. Yet, simply too much in Suburbia. Even for my ‘No Mom Clothes’ self.  😉

Would you have given me a strange-second glance if you saw me in the grocery store? 😉

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