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The Midi Length Dress: Great for bending Over

midi dress "mom with stroller in dress"(!Hope the title made you laugh!)

As a Mom, I’ve realized when dressing I have to think of how much bending over [in public situations] I’ll be doing that day. Many dresses from my pre-baby fashion days (which I still wear on occasion) were of the just-stand(or sit)-and-look-pretty length; no reaching or bending for anything 😉

Sure, you could wear jeans every day, but I believe in the DVF mantra, ‘feel like a woman, wear a dress’.

Enter the solution: The Midi length Dress, which is very on-trend this fall/winter 11′. Long enough to bend to pick-up your child, or grab something they’ve dropped without wishing you had shorts on underneath!

Here are a few great Midi length dress examples I’ve found, great for those stay-at-home Mom days of errands, cleaning and play-dates, yet still looking attractive when your husband gets home!

**I know, the links don’t work. WordPress doesn’t want me to make any money off of this 😉 Enjoy the photo though, and check out Asos.com, Victoria’s Secret, and Sonya Rykel for the dresses.

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