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Innovative Cute Modern Sippy Cups

"o-cup", Momma, "mod sippy cup", "Modern baby products"

I love innovative products; especially baby products. Finding a cute sippy cup that is easy for Ella to use, yet super-cute is not easy!

My two favorites: 

The O-Cup, by Momma, $7.95 (It’s simply really neat looking. But also, the special opening has a non-spill system and only allows liquids to flow when the baby is feeding, preventing any leaks during transport or play.)

The LollaCup, $18 (yes, you may have sticker shock. But it’s worth it. Easy for baby to sip. The straw tilts when tilted (always finds the liquid for baby). Granted, it does leak when lying on the ground too long, but that is trumped by the fact that Ella can always get the liquid at any angle. Also, I enjoy the lid for cleanliness). P.S.  It is really cute, as you can see.

"Lolla Cup", "innovative sippy cup", "unique sippy cup", "modern sippy cup", "smart sippy cup", "unique baby products"

What’s your favorite sippy?

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