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Actually Pretty, Long Robe for Tall Women

I finally found it!
"Robe for tall woman" "robe for tall women" "long robe tall"A ‘duster’ [aka: floor length] robe that is actually ‘long’ on my 5’9″ self. AND it is beautiful! (As in it doesn’t look like it could be my husband’s too). So pretty that if I saw it with a LaPerla tag I’d believe it was. I’ve been wearing the robe in the mornings while having breakfast with my husband and baby, and making coffee, making husband’s lunch, seeing him off to work. All while feeling beautiful, not frumpy for not being ‘ready for the day’ yet.

*Bonus: husband says it looks “really pretty”. #Winning !

Good thing I didn’t have this robe after I giving birth; I never would have gotten dressed…for at least a month 😉 (OK, I’m exaggerating. I got ‘ready’ [shower/dressed/makeup] everyday after having my baby which was a major contributor (I believe) to my quick baby weight loss).
If you’ve come across this post in your search for a long robe: trust me. Buy this robe.

Get it from Soft Surroundings, ‘RUFFLED CHENILLE ROBE’

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The Midi Length Dress: Great for bending Over

midi dress "mom with stroller in dress"(!Hope the title made you laugh!)

As a Mom, I’ve realized when dressing I have to think of how much bending over [in public situations] I’ll be doing that day. Many dresses from my pre-baby fashion days (which I still wear on occasion) were of the just-stand(or sit)-and-look-pretty length; no reaching or bending for anything 😉

Sure, you could wear jeans every day, but I believe in the DVF mantra, ‘feel like a woman, wear a dress’.

Enter the solution: The Midi length Dress, which is very on-trend this fall/winter 11′. Long enough to bend to pick-up your child, or grab something they’ve dropped without wishing you had shorts on underneath!

Here are a few great Midi length dress examples I’ve found, great for those stay-at-home Mom days of errands, cleaning and play-dates, yet still looking attractive when your husband gets home!

**I know, the links don’t work. WordPress doesn’t want me to make any money off of this 😉 Enjoy the photo though, and check out, Victoria’s Secret, and Sonya Rykel for the dresses.

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Fall’s Floppy Hat Trend [in real life]

"floppy hat" "missoni for target"

I managed to snag a floppy hat from the Missoni for Target collection. Seeing as I live in suburbia [now], our Target’s were far from stampeded for the ‘designer’ merchandise. I thought it looked great in the store! I wondered where I’d wear it to… ‘maybe an outdoor sporting event..’ [not that our less than 1-yr-old daughter has those yet..]

My baby really seemed to like it on me. Or was she laughing AT me.. I met a lady in the hat isle by the mirror and she simply ‘loved it’. So I bought it! I put it on in the parking lot and drove home with it on, which garnered many looks…

My husband thought it was the silliest thing I’d ever brought home. (I’ve brought home many interesting fashion finds before.) We joked about what people would think of me if I wore it to the grocery store. I planned to do so as an experiment (i.e. stay-at-home-Mom activity) but never got around to doing so in fear of running into a neighbor or any of my husband’s co-workers. Thus, my realization that the hat needed to be returned.

I took this self-timer-photo in the parking lot of Target before going in to return it.

The lesson: such hats are good everyday wear for the Kim Kardashian set, or the streets of NYC, LA, Philly, maybe even DC. Yet, simply too much in Suburbia. Even for my ‘No Mom Clothes’ self.  😉

Would you have given me a strange-second glance if you saw me in the grocery store? 😉

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