Baby’s First Solids Feeding Solution

"pacifier spoon", "pacifier and feeding device", Spoonifier, "baby first solid foods"When we first started baby Ella on solids at 6 months she was not very excited about it. She would spit out the food or simply refuse it. Call it mothers intuition, but I thought to put the pureed food on her pacifier and it worked instantly. She swallowed all of the food I gave her.

After a bit of Googling I came across the fact that the ‘pacifier-spoon’ method for teaching baby to eat solid foods was recommended by speech therapists/feeding therapists!

Jump ahead, and I am now marketing this concept patent for the patent owner (yes, it was already patented, only a few weeks before I researched patenting the idea myself! What are the odds…)

Check out a video of the Pacifier-Spoon method:

Did you come across this post because you were having trouble getting your baby to eat solids? Let me know [by commenting] how this works for you and your baby!

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